Adaptive engine

The Wondertech algorithms allow assigning a scientifically validated user assessment score with less than 10 questions.

The system can test a candidate in any competence or skill, and in various formats, such as audio, video, images and many different types of text questions.

The system automatically compares the candidate results with the score statistics of same level candidates.
Every day, all companies receive several CVs and applications

Our system can dramatically reduce the time spent in pre-selection, by automatically testing a candidate’s competence

The system exploits artificial intelligence to learn by itself.
The system understand sif the assigned difficulty level is correct and can automatically update it.

The Wondertech solutions are completely EMBEDDABLE in your e-learning platform, by exploiting the web service concept (SOAP or REST).

The system is also a tool for monitoring and training the internal company resources.

Coaching, strenght & weakness analysis, and much more!

Adaptive algorithms

Wondertech has developed specific algorithms based on the psycometric Item Reponse Theory (IRT).

This theory underpins the most important American education tests, as Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

The Wondertech Artificial Intelligence algorithms constantly improve their assessment capabilities by learning from the users' behavior itself, thus enabling a high level of personalization in delivering instruction and training.



Wondertech is a microenterprise founded in 2009. Wondertech strengths rare mash-up programming, innovative HCI with smartphone, mock-up based design, adaptivity algorithms, serious games.


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