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The goal of the game is to help students to become familiar with math, and in particular with math functions, having fun

The game

At the start of the game the student can choose between "La stanza delle macchine" and "La matematica in pista".

If the student choose the first one he/she will have to understand if the objects inside the room work or not, testing them. Then he/she will have to fix the "not working" objects applying a function

Choosing the second one the student will have to drive a car and decide to accellerate or to decelerate. At the end his race will be analyzed. The student will have to apply a function to improve his/her results. After the first racetrack the student will have to play other races with an increasing difficulty

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Wondertech is a microenterprise founded in 2009. Wondertech strengths rare mash-up programming, innovative HCI with smartphone, mock-up based design, adaptivity algorithms, serious games.


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