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The goal of the game is to help young students to become familiar with english and iformatics.

The student can choose between two different level of difficulty both for english and informatics.

The game is designed to enhance the students's knowledge thanks to an intuitive and funny interface

The game

The two young protagonists arrive at school and have to decide if they want to enter in the english classroom or in the computer one. When they have chosen the difficulty level they enter inside the classroom. A narrative voice explain to the young protagonists what they can do and present them the exercises which are fully interactive

As regards informatics it is explained what are the computer main elements and then many interactive exercises are presented. The student can practice with the use of mouse and keyboard and can also print his works.

As regards english the student can practice with different kind of exercises using both mouse and keyboard and different kind of interaction

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Wondertech is a microenterprise founded in 2009. Wondertech strengths rare mash-up programming, innovative HCI with smartphone, mock-up based design, adaptivity algorithms, serious games.


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