Road Rider

development / graphics

Game aspect - 3D first-person adventure game

Serious aspect - promotes road safety (middle and high school students)

Exploit the appeal of a pleasant virtual world, while providing educational value (not perceived by players as an “educational” game)

Challenge: effectively embedding the learning aspects as seamless mechanisms.

The game

The player controls a virtual character in a 3D reconstruction of Genoa city center

The game goal consists in reaching the site of a rock concert

During the trip, the user: walks around the city, solve a number of missions like as finding a car, getting money to buy the ticket for the concert, driving the car to reach the destination site

These situations are similar to those of commercial videogames. This makes Road Rider be perceived pleasantly

The score system

Penalties for hazardous behaviors. Crossing a road without a crosswalk, failure to give priorities to pedestrians in a zebra-crossing, exceeding speed limits, driving with switched-off lights, parking off-place, etc...

Rrewards safe road-behaviors. Successful completion of a mission meeting all the legal and safety constraints, the ability to avoid or cope with dangerous situations, etc...

The RoadRider main idea: all the tricks are associated with road safety issues. Users learn best practices as players learn “tricks” in videogames

Made in collaboration with Elios lab for Regione Liguria

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